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Marcândi Ltd. creates, manages and operates online trading and auction platforms. Our goal is to become the world leading auction and trading platform of its kind. The company has its headquarters in London.


Marcândi Ltd provides markets and operates Internet based trading and auction platforms. Marcândi has the technical expertise to quickly develop trading platforms for specific needs. Also the management team through their network and experience can take these platforms in different geographies and apply across spectrum of business segments

Madbid.com is an auction site using the Marcândi platform in the UK.

If you are interested in launching a site such as MadBid.com in your country please contact us at sales@marcandi.com


Marcândi always puts client's interest first. The trademark Marcândi should be synonymous with excellent service, operational reliability and innovative thinking.

Marcândi's client can come from host of industries and background. Marcândi can help clients in the B2C space who are looking for new channels to interact with their clients.

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